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From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Marvel's Avengers, which came out in 2020, had a lot of potential, fueled by one fact – it was a live service game that no one cared about until it shut down the services a while ago. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League also follows the same path.

The first trailers for the game, produced by Rocksteady, responsible for the excellent Arkham series, were great, but then things developed slowly as it was gradually revealed that it was a looter shooter featuring superheroes. Despite initial resistance, we got a game that's trying to be a superhero game, a looter shooter, a live service game that serves as a distraction from a great story and a great set of characters.

Set in the same Arkhamverse a few years after Arkham Knight, the Suicide Squad is sent to Metropolis to take down the Justice League. Their minds controlled by Brainiac, Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern have become supervillains, followed by an army of invading aliens. It's up to supervillains Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark to set things right by taking down the Justice League, which is no mean feat. Thankfully, there's a whole cast of villains and heroes in the DC universe that will either help or hinder our team as they embark on their quest.

From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The strongest part of Kill the Justice League is its story, which is mostly kept intact by the excellent voice acting of all the members of the Suicide Squad and their dynamics with each other. Influential Justice League members become memorable super villains who make Amazon Prime boys The series, as downtrodden people take on the most powerful beings this side of the galaxy. It's worth saying that Batman's famous voice (Kevin Conroy's final performance as the villain) is excellent, adding even more menace to a beloved character.

Metropolis is a desolate open world that's far more colorful than Arkham's Gotham City, yet it could pass for any normal city. Between defeating the Justice League, the game is a bland mix of several other games.

The gunplay feels like Fortnite, and it's puzzling why there are guns in the first place, when the hallmark rhythmic combat action system of Rocksteady's own Arkham series was genre-defining, setting the stage for Spider-Man. . Instead of building on that, using the Suicide Squad's own powers, the guns take center stage with the powers as a backup move.

As a third-person looter shooter, the game is all about the quality of the loot, and this is where Borderlands, Destiny gets it right with interesting weapons you'll want to grind for. The weapons in Suicide Squad are just boring replicas of standard weapons with dull features.

While you can create interesting builds, especially with Captain Boomerang, using weapon elemental attacks and his Boomerang skill tree, there's not really enough reason to waste your time creating builds to engage in activities beyond the story. Is.

From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

It's a shame because there's a lot of good here – an excellent story and great performances with memorable encounters with the Justice League that deserve praise. It's fun to move around the city with fluid movement and controls. It's all been held up by so many terrible live-service decisions, and it's not like Rocksteady didn't see it coming and take the chance.

Gamers and fans have been against making it a live service and have been very vocal about it. Still, the Suicide Squad we got was so far behind Arkham Knight and nowhere near any of its inspirations, it felt like a complete waste of time for all parties involved.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Developer: Rocksteady Studio

Publisher: warner bros games

price: ₹4999 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series s and pc

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League tells a great story of good villains taking on good villains. If it's live service loot-based games you're here for, there are plenty of better games out there. If these superhero games are your thing, you might be better off picking up the Arkham series once again or diving into Spider-Man.

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