Sunak rules out May 2 UK election, signaling vote later in year


Sunak has ruled out a UK election on May 2, hinting at voting later this year

Prime Minister rishi sunak rejected a britain general election But may 2indicating that a public vote Instead it will happen later this year.
“In several weeks time on May 2 we have elections on local issues, police and crime commissioners, mayors. There will be no general election on that day,” Sunak said in an interview with ITV on Thursday evening.
His comments are due at the end of the week Estimate In westminster That the Prime Minister can demand early general elections. Sunak had repeatedly said that his “working assumption” was that the election would be held in the “second half” of 2024. However his previous failure to clearly reject voting in May, as well as increasing political pressure on his position, has led to speculation that he may opt to call an early election.
Bloomberg previously reported that Sunak's allies were considering calling an election in the autumn. ruler conservative Party trail keir starmeropposed to labour party By about 20 points in opinion polls.

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