Sweden has thwarted Iranian attack plots, counter-intelligence police say

Feb 8, 2024

Stockholm: a senior member of the Swedish security police Iran was said to be planning an attack on the country Thursday, days after local media reported that two Iranians were deported for plotting to kill three Swedish Jews several years ago. Earlier this week, Swedish broadcast SR reported that two Iranians were suspected of planning to kill members of the Swedish Jewish community. He was arrested and expelled in 2021 sweden According to Swedish Radio, at no charge in 2022.
Daniel Stenling, the spy chief of Sweden's domestic security agency, told SR on Thursday that Iran is “preparing and conducting activities aimed at carrying out a so-called physical attack against someone in Sweden”.
He added, “We have worked on a number of cases where we have, as we anticipate, such preparations failed.” He declined to provide specific information.
According to SR, two exiled Iranians claiming to be Afghans sought asylum in the Scandinavian country in 2015 and were eventually granted asylum in Sweden. The report identified them as Mahdi Ramazani and Fareshteh Sanaifarid and said they had ties to Iran's Revolutionary Guard.
A Swedish prosecutor previously confirmed to The Associated Press that the two, a man and a woman, were suspected of planning to carry out an attack “considered terroristic” and have been expelled from Sweden. Prosecutor Hans Erhman did not say when.
Erhman told the AP that prosecutors “failed to obtain the necessary evidence that was a prerequisite to being able to bring charges.” He also refused to give further information.
SR said the Iranians arrived in Sweden in 2015 as thousands of asylum seekers were heading to Europe. Sweden, with a population of 10 million, hosted a record 163,000 migrants in 2015, the highest per capita of any European country.
Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christerson said on Wednesday the report was “very serious”.
“There are a lot of people entering Sweden on false grounds and who were not stopped at the border,” Kristersson said. “It is extremely important that dangerous people are stopped if they try to enter.”
The security agency has previously said Iran is active in Sweden and described it as one of the countries that poses the greatest intelligence threat to Sweden.
“But I can't go into detail about what it's about, because then I would reveal what we're doing,” Stanling told SR.

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