Sydney knife attacker had mental health issues, ideology not motive: Police


New Delhi: Police in Sydney have revealed that the man responsible for the fatal stabbing of six persons has a history of mental health issues, Officials clarified that there was no indication of any ideological motive behind this attack In a busy shopping center in the city. The attacker has been identified as Joel Cauchi, 40, who was known to police queenslandAfter recognizing him in news reports following the incident, he and his family contacted authorities.
Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Roger Lowe said, “When the family saw footage of the incident on TV they thought it was probably their son and they approached the authorities.”
Eyewitnesses described how Cauchi, wearing shorts and an Australian national rugby league jersey, ran Westfield Bondi Junction Mall Knife wielding. He tragically stabbed six people and injured at least 12 before being shot dead by Inspector Amy Scott, who bravely confronted him alone during the violence. Some mall goers tried to intervene, while others took shelter in closed stores.
“It was a horrific scene,” said Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cook of the New South Wales Police. Cook said, “We still don't have anything, we don't have any information, we haven't found any evidence or any intelligence that we've gathered to suggest that this was any particular motivation, ideology or otherwise.” was inspired.”
Cauchi had a history of mental health problems since the age of 17 and had had frequent contact with police in recent years, as confirmed by Queensland Police Officer Lowe. He led a transient lifestyle, often sleeping in his car and maintaining sporadic communication with his mother through text messages.
The rare nature of such attacks in Australia, a country with strict gun and knife laws, has shocked the community. Five of the victims were women and the male victim was a security guard at the shopping centre.
The injured included a nine-month-old baby, who was in a serious but stable condition, whose mother sadly died in hospital. A large police presence was seen at the mall, which remained closed to the public, as tributes for the victims continued to grow.
New said, “The personal stories of those who have died, complete strangers coming forward to help, as well as the acts of courage and bravery mean that – whether you know the people who have died or not – you “Mourning today.” South Wales state premier Chris Minns.
“The entire state will stand behind those families in the coming days as they recover and move through the inevitable grief of such a horrific event.”
Messages of condolence poured in from around the world, acknowledging the bravery of ordinary citizens who risked their own safety to help others.

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