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Feb 7, 2024

New Delhi: tata ispatA leading private steel company on Wednesday announced its collaboration with South Eastern Railway (SER) to jointly develop sustainable rail infrastructure using the slag-based aggregates,
As per a company release, detailed discussions were held between SER and Tata Steel officials on the implementation of the project.
Emphasizing the need to use sustainable alternatives, SER General Manager Anil Kumar Mishra said during the event on Tuesday, “Use of sustainable alternatives is the need of the hour, and it will also help in preserving the ecology.”
Tata Aggregate, a green alternative to natural aggregates used in road construction, and fly ash used as raw material in the manufacturing of bricks and cement, will play an important role in the manufacturing of blanketing layers in railway tracks.
Chief Administrative Officer (Construction) Rajiv Srivastava outlined the Railway Ministry's plan to strengthen rail infrastructure during the deliberations.
Tata Steel, in its commitment to convert steel slag into sustainable aggregates, has set up an accelerated weathering facility for processing LD slag through steam aging.
According to the company statement, the use of slag-based manufactured aggregates not only aids biodiversity conservation by reducing the need for mining of natural aggregates, but also eliminates the need for transportation of aggregates over large distances.

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