Teachers’ associations in West Bengal up in arms against Edu department’s decision to control university meetings


Kolkata: Several university teachers' associations in West Bengal have urged the higher education department to reverse its decision requiring permission from the department before convening urgent decision-making meetings. state University With autonomy. 12 organizations including have criticized this move calling it anti-teacher Jadavpur University Teachers Association, Calcutta University Teachers AssociationRabindra Bharati University Teachers Association, West Bengal State University Teachers Associationand teachers of Presidency University, among others.
According to a state education official, the adviser requires the approval of the higher education department to convene a meeting of the executive council, court, senate, syndicate or any assembly for the purpose of taking important, significant or policy decisions.
JUTA general secretary Parthapratim Roy expressed concern that such a measure would hamper daily academic and administrative work, bringing the functioning of higher educational institutions to a standstill. Roy stressed the need for the government to immediately withdraw this decision.
Roy criticized the government for its contradictory actions, as well as Governor CV Anand Bose for the impasse over the appointment of vice-chancellors in state universities. anti-teacher policies,
“Such a move will make it impossible to even conduct daily academic/administrative activities and will lead to a halt in the functioning of higher educational institutions. We ask the government to withdraw it immediately,” Roy said.
Roy said, “On one hand this government is criticizing Governor CV Anand Bose and blaming him for the impasse in state universities on vice-chancellor appointment issues, on the other hand they are doing nothing better by adopting anti-teacher measures. ”
He warned that if the state government did not withdraw the decision within a week, the organizations would come together and start a movement against it.

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