Telugu play Bhoothakalam has a novel presentation


actors during rehearsal

Artists during rehearsals. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

March 1st is a testing day for Govada Creations as the Hyderabad-based theater group is set to stage a Telugu play past tense, ,Ee Natakam Oka Pedda Pariksha Maku (This drama is a big test for us). We are ready to face the challenge,” says its director Venkat Govada, referring to the anxieties experienced by the team while staging a play for the first time.

music production

during rehearsal

During rehearsals. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Conceived and produced by Venkat, who has also adapted the story by renowned writer Diwakar Babu on stage, this 90-minute musical production, with little dance and a minimalist and versatile set, has a cast and crew of 30 people.

create your own life

past cast and crew

Cast and crew of past tense
, Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Govada Creations has staged around 25 Telugu plays in its 15 year old theater journey. Plays attempt to create social awareness and portray the importance of human values. past tense also explores a similar theme and shows different aspects of human emotions using the power of the mind. “Instead of depending on God for everything that happens in life, the story encourages us to create our own lives,” says Venkat. He further added, “The play also shows the consequences that arise when greed and dishonesty take over our minds.”

In the modern setting, it is shown that Kamandu (a common man) is about to commit suicide because Atiwa (a girl) rejects his proposal because she is poor. The ghosts come to his aid by granting him four Ravas (opposite of this Varalu, meaning desires). uses kamandu Ravas This is beneficial to him until an incident changes his perspective and makes him realize that the strength and confidence he was looking for externally actually comes from within.'

new presentation

Venkat hopes the audience will appreciate the novelty of his presentation. “Telugu.” Natakam Still at the amateur level and making the gradual transition to joining the professional league, it still has a long way to go before becoming a full-fledged professional theatre. Unlike theater groups in other languages, which experiment with their presentation and storytelling, 75 Parishad groups have not evolved in the two Telugu states,” he says, “I don’t want to pass any judgment on their style because I too I am a part. Of the group. We're just trying to change the concept to move forward.

during rehearsal

During rehearsals. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Depending on financial feasibility, there are plans to phase out past tense at different centers

Bhootakaalam to be staged at Ravindra Bharati on March 1; Tickets: ₹99; Available on

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