‘The Batman’ wins plagiarism lawsuit against freelance artist


A scene from Matt Reeves' The Batman

A scene from Matt Reeves' The Batman. Photo credit: @warnerbros/x

US District Judge Paul Engelmayer dismissed plagiarism claims against Warner Bros.'s 2022 film. Batman, Freelance artist Christopher Wozniak alleged that the film was too similar to his 1990 creation, ultimate puzzleWritten during his tenure at DC Comics.

Judge Engelmayer found no concrete evidence supporting Wozniak's claims. Instead, he asserted that Wozniak had largely infringed DC Comics' copyrights. batman Universe without authority.

The judge stated that the similarities between the two works, such as the lone serial killer and the use of puzzles, were too common to support Wozniak's case. Engelmayer also referenced mainstream media Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, To show the prevalence of such topics.

Wozniak's speculations about how Warner Bros. might have gained access to his story were deemed unfounded and ultimately dismissed. Wozniak's attorney Terry Parker expressed disagreement with the decision and hinted at possible further legal action. However, representatives for Warner Bros. and DC Comics declined to comment on the decision.

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