‘The Gentlemen’ series review: This Guy Ritchie spin-off is stylish and senseless


Kaya Scodelario, left, and Theo James Netflix series

Kaya Scodelario, left, and Theo James from the Netflix series “The Gentlemen” | Photo Credit: AP

guy ritchie's 2019 film, gentlemen, shows Mickey Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey, using luxurious English homes to run his weed empire. The poorer elite used rents to fund the maintenance of their historic homes. The latest eight-episode Netflix series, created by Ritchie, is inspired by the film.

Eddie (Theo James) is a brave UN peacekeeping soldier who is solving disputes involving sheep on the Syrian border when the family's lawyer, Ahmed Iqbal (Ranjith Krishnamma), arrives to tell him that his father, the Duke of Halstead ( Edward Fox), is seriously ill.

Eddie returns to England and is shocked to learn after the Duke's death that he (Eddie) has been named heir to the title and lands. Freddy (Daniel Ings), Eddie's older brother who is supposed to inherit, is too addicted to cocaine to be believable. Although Freddy throws a bit of a tantrum when he passes by, he soon calms down and tells Eddie the real reason for his trouble.

netflix series

Theo James in a scene from the Netflix series “The Gentlemen” Photo Credit: AP

Apparently he is owed £8 million by an evil Scouser, Tommy Dixon (Peter Serafinowicz). There is some mention of Sticky Pete (Joshua McGuire) and his money-making schemes. As Eddie struggles with this impossible problem, Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) walks in.

Susie reveals some home truths to Edie, chief among which is that her father, Bobby Glass (Ray Winstone), who is currently in prison, was using the grounds of the manor to grow cannabis, and Edie's father Used to pay annual rent of 5 million pounds.

While her father is in prison, Susie runs her business empire and meets with the current Duke to make sure the deal is still in place. Eddie wants to free Halstead Manor from Glass' clutches, but he also needs the criminals to help Freddy out of his troubles.

The Gentlemen Season 1 (English)

the creator:Guy Ritchie

mold: Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Joely Richardson, Giancarlo Esposito, Peter Serafinovich, Vinnie Jones


Order: from 61 to 41 minutes

Story:After his father's death, a young man inherits a title, an estate, and unsavory business associates

Over the course of eight episodes, Eddie tries to make various deals and counter deals while meeting a variety of characters. All the Ritchie trademarks are present – ​​from the sudden shocking violence and jolly pop songs to the wildly eccentric characters, the sarcastic, blasphemous English humour, boxing and hand-written subtitles in yellow to keep the audience up to speed.

However, despite these enjoyable features, gentlemen is criminally dull and getting through eight episodes is a tough task. All the sharp editing and posh, poncy language can't hide the glaring flaws in the plot. For example, for such a well-run drug empire, why is major weed grower Jimmy (Michael Wu) sent out alone with a van full of products? Everyone seems to be playing the gangster role – very well dressed and well spoken. Since there is no chemistry between Edie and Susie, we fail to invest in them.

gentlemen It's all superficial gloss and no way into the inner lives of the various characters. Edie's mother, Lady Sabrina (Joely Richardson), is presented ambiguously at first, but she is aware of her husband's deal with the Devil and is worried that it will corrupt her family. The groundskeeper, Geoffrey (Vinnie Jones), rescues all kinds of animals, including the hedgehogs, at his mercy Luna, the abandoned family Labrador, and he also has a specific set of skills.

netflix series

Giancarlo Esposito from the Netflix series “The Gentlemen” | Photo Credit: AP

The Aristos, from Bassington (Freddie Fox), an actor who has an ugly secret for Princess Rosaanne (Gaia Weiss), 11th All around the Belgian throne in a row of swans. The other side also has stock characters, like Glass Sr., in prison with his fancy chef; American billionaire Stanley Johnston (Giancarlo Esposito) – with a 'T'; a double crossing distributor, Florian De Groot (Christopher Hivhu); JP (Lawrence O'Furran), head of the Traveler family, who uses Mother Mary statues for unholy purposes; Bible-thumping gospel Dixon (Pierce Quigley); Tony Blair (Cameron Cook), an Albanian and former British Prime Minister with a passion for supercars; And Mercy (Martha Millan) deals in cars and Colombian coke.

Siblings are an important part gentlemen, No matter how angry Freddy gets, Eddie or Edwina, as she is sometimes affectionately called, always saves him. Charlie (Jasmine Blackborough), Eddie and Freddy's sister, who is studying at university as per her father's wishes, is also close to her brothers. Susie's brother, Jack (Harry Goodwins), is a professional boxer and inspires absolute loyalty from Susie who has been looking after her since their mother's death when she was 10.

All these colorful characters, no matter how well dressed or increasingly busy situations they find themselves in, don't add up to an engaging show.

The Gentlemen is streaming on Netflix

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