The Great Indian Kapil Show: Pati Vicky Kaushal, Patni Katrina Kaif Aur Woh


The Great Indian Kapil Show: Husband Vicky Kaushal, wife Katrina Kaif and she - Sunil Grover, of course

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Bollywood heartthrobs and brothers Vicky Kaushal and Sunny Kaushal are all set to make us laugh in this week's episode of the Netflix series. The Great Indian Kapil Show, Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma headlined. Before the episode ends on Saturday, the OTT giant has treated us to some hilarious banter between actor Sunil Grover – who is one of the cast of the show – and Vicky Kaushal. In the promo, Sunil Grover, dressed in a saree as his character Dafli, is seen flirting with Vicky, even calling him his husband. While playing along, Vicky Kaushal asks why he has vermillion in the shape of the Hindi letter “Ka” on his forehead. On this, Dafli says that it represents the first letter of her husband's name. [as in Kaushal – get it?], To this, Vicky Kaushal, talking about his wife, superstar Katrina Kaif, quips, “My wife's name also starts with K,” and adds to the tambourine, “So by that logic, you and I are brothers.” -She is a sister.” On this, Sunil Grover breaks his character and says, “ruined the whole script [He has ruined the entire script],” as the team started laughing loudly.

The video was shared with the caption: “yes lADKI Babu bhaiya, husband is having an affair. [This rigmarole involves a husband],

Needless to say, fans had only words of praise in the comments section. Regarding Sunil Grover, a user said, “How can Sunil sir be so funny spontaneously? Have seen this more than 20 times.” Another fan said, “He can literally make people laugh even if he forgets the script, he's a great comedian.” A third user said, 'This episode is going to be a lot of fun.'

Check out the video here:

In another promo, the Kaushal brothers confessed that in their childhood they were scared of guests coming to the house as both of them were asked to dance to entertain them. He is not everything. Kapil is also seen teasing Sunny Kaushal about his alleged relationship with actor Sharvari Wagh. He says, “Valentine's Day should be on 14 'Sharvari', oh sorry, 14 February.” As Sunny Kaushal blushed and laughed, Vicky said, “He [Kapil] Not even waiting for your responses, Punch after punch is coming.”

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with The Week magazine, Vicky Kaushal opened up about his “deep connection” with wife Katrina Kaif. The affectionate husband said: My marriage with Katrina is the result of a deep connection at the root level. I appreciate her origins and she appreciates mine. I don't want to make her a better person and she doesn't want to make me a better person. We already love the person we are. The new thing for us is how we both are growing together. Now that we're married, it's always about what's working for us, not for me.'

Talking about work front, Vicky Kaushal will be seen next. bad news And love and war,

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