This Easy Mango Corn Salad Recipe Will Take Your Taste Buds On A Roller Coaster Ride


When we think of salads, the first thing that comes to our mind is lots of bland veggies put in a big bowl, right? Well, salads don’t have to be boring. Summer is here and it’s time to welcome the king of fruits, Mango! Delightfully sweet and tangy, mangoes are super versatile and can be enjoyed in whatever way you want. You can squeeze the juice out of them, make sorbet, or just eat it just like that. Undoubtedly, the best part of summer is mangoes and the delicious recipes that it allows us to experiment with. If you are someone who loves mangoes and has already started purchasing them, then we have an exciting and easy recipe for you.

Instagram user and content creator Shivangi Pithisaria (@shivangipithisaria) shared an easy recipe for Mango Corn Salad, which is made from simple kitchen staples. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s see how it is made.

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Watch the full recipe for Mango Corn Salad here:

How To Make Easy Mango Corn Salad

To make mango corn salad, take one corn cob and charr it over an open flame. Once it’s done and cooled down, remove the kernels from it and set aside. In a bowl, take one chopped tomato, chopped onion, and half a cup of boiled kidney beans along with chopped mango flesh. Make sure to chop mangoes in such a way that it is easily scoopable from its outer layer. Mix the ingredients but not too harshly so that they remain soft but also absorb other ingredients’ flavours. 

To prepare the dressing, take a bowl and add hung curd, mayonnaise, salt, cumin powder, chilli powder, peri peri powder, salt and ground coriander leaves paste. The dressing would turn out to be creamy and flavourful. Now add this flavourful dressing to the chopped veggies and fruits. Mix all the ingredients well. You can serve this tasty mango corn salad with corn chips, and lettuce or consume it as a whole!

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Is There Any Other Way To Consume This Mango Corn Salad Filling?

As per Shivangi Pithisaria, you can use this mango corn salad as a filling in your sandwiches and even burritos. Another person asked if the right mango season is here, to which the digital creator replied, “They’ll definitely get better but still pretty good now.”

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