Tokyo’s Hello Kitty theme park closed for ‘terrorist’ security alert


Tokyo: A theme park featuring the Hello Kitty character in Tokyo was closed on Saturday due to a E-mail ,terrorist alert“, said the operator.
“We will be temporarily closed today as we are unable to adequately ensure the safety of our customers, artists and on-site staff at this time.” Sanrio Puroland Park Said on their website.
Hello Kitty, which was created by the Sanrio company and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is one of Japan's most famous cartoon characters. The faceless cat-like figure, used to market everything from plush toys to aircraft, has been deployed by Japan's government to promote tourism and as an ambassador of the furry.
Public broadcaster NHK said without citing any sources for its information that police, who searched the theme park after receiving an email warning, did not find any suspicious objects.

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