Tracking mobile frauds with caller ID: Soon, your network provider will warn you about scam calls – here’s how


Tracking mobile fraud: India plans to take strict action against online and phone fraud, The approach will be comprehensive and multidimensional, involving government and private sectors telecommunication companies,
According to an ET report, the government is determined to deal with the issue effectively and action is imminent. Senior government officials have confirmed this calling name presentation (CNAP) service will be operational within 100 days of the new government taking charge.
Additionally, the establishment of a National Cyber ​​Security Agency (NCSA) is in progress. Officials highlighted that NCSA is ready to act as a central body to address digital fraud.

Action against fraud this year

Action against fraud this year

There will be an emphasis on creating tools to protect against cyber risks, especially for small businesses and individuals lacking advanced technology.
“The model of running CNAP has been agreed upon by the telecom companies. The responsibility of identification will be on the network from where the call originates, an official was quoted as saying.
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On February 23, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) proposed CNAP as a solution to combat fraudulent calls. The move will curb fraudsters claiming to be from law enforcement agencies, banks and custom agents.
CNAP will prohibit fraudsters pretending to represent law enforcement agencies, banks and customs officials.
CNAP will inform call recipients about the identity proof linked to the caller's SIM card. The telecommunications provider where the call originates will verify the identity of the caller to ensure that accurate information reaches the recipient. The initiative aims to protect the privacy rights of call recipients.

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