Trai seeks view on enabling virtual network operators tie-up with multiple telcos


New Delhi: telecom regulator TRAI on Friday invited ideas on enabling this virtual network operator To tie up with more than one telecom operator to provide wireless And wireline Services. Currently, a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) is allowed to partner with only one telecom operator to provide services like mobile connections, etc., which require numbering and unique identification of subscribers.
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued a consultation paper on “Connectivity of Access to Service VNOs from more than one NSO (Network Service Operator)” following a reference by the Department of Telecommunications based on representations made by VNOs.
“The authority is issuing this consultation paper to seek comments of stakeholders on issues related to connectivity to access service VNOs from more than one NSO,” TRAI said in the paper.
VNOs have requested the Department of Telecommunications to allow them to take connectivity from one telecom operator for wireline services and wireless services from others.
The VNOs said that they face problem in case the VNO takes connectivity from a telecom operator which is providing only wireline services in that area due to the existing restrictions that such VNOs do not have to provide wireless services in that area. There is no option to do it.
VNOs have requested that their partners who intend to provide only wireline services may need to take connectivity from more than one telecom operator as in some cases the partner telecom operators may not have services in certain areas. Where the VNO wants to provide its services.
TRAI has invited comments from interested parties till March 22 and counter comments till April 5.

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