Trump and Biden in close fight in this key swing state: Poll


Pennsylvania appears ready for closure election contest Once again, after closely contested races in both 2016 and 2020.
The state, which is known for its important role presidential electionSaw former President Donald trump Won by a narrow margin in 2016, while President Biden won by a narrow margin in 2020.
latest fox news poll The results indicate a tight race for the 2024 presidential election, with Trump leading Biden by a slim margin of 49% to 47% among registered voters in Pennsylvania, a margin that falls within the poll's margin of error.
Both candidates have maintained their respective party bases, with nearly 90% of Democrats and Republicans supporting their expected candidates. In a hypothetical five-candidate race, the competition results in a deadlock, with Biden and Trump each receiving 42% support.
Diverse voter groups show varying support, including non-white voters, college-educated white voters, suburban women and senior citizens supporting Biden. In contrast, Trump enjoys strong support among white evangelical Christians, white men without college degrees, rural voters, and Generation X individuals.
In scenarios where the influence of the MAGA movement diminishes, Trump's support decreases slightly, especially in a five-way race scenario, indicating a fragmented Republican allegiance among non-MAGA supporters.
According to Republican pollster Daron Shaw, part of the Fox News poll team, Pennsylvania's economic outlook seems slightly more positive than other battleground states, giving Biden an advantage among those who view the economy as stable or improving.
The most important issue for Pennsylvania voters remains the economy, the majority of whom express neutrality or positivity regarding their financial conditions. Other significant concerns include election integrity and immigration/border security, as well as notable partisan divisions over issue priorities.
With regard to issue management, Biden and Trump each have advantages in some areas, with Biden considered more competent in election integrity and Trump considered stronger on economic and immigration matters.
Character traits such as mental toughness and honesty emerge as important for voters, influencing their preference between Biden and Trump based on these criteria.
Despite the current tight race, the political landscape in Pennsylvania remains volatile, with future changes in economic perceptions and candidates' evaluations potentially influencing voter decisions.
A recent Fox News poll indicates a slight preference for Republican candidates in U.S. House matchups within the state, underscoring Pennsylvania's continued importance in the 2024 election landscape.

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