Trump says he supports abortion ban after certain number of weeks


New Delhi: Former President of America Donald Trump expressed his support for a national on Sunday abortion ban during a recent interview, but avoided specifying the exact number of weeks over which such a ban should be implemented.
Trump, who's going to guess republican The nominee for the upcoming White House race indicated he would propose a timeline for a ban “soon.”
Speaking with 'Fox News Sunday', Trump addressed a previous report by The New York Times that suggested his inclination towards a 16-week abortion ban except in cases of rape, incest or maternal health concerns . However, he refrained from publicly confirming this to avoid potential backlash from conservative supporters.
Trump's stance on the length of pregnancy at which abortion should be restricted remained vague, saying he would provide a recommendation in the coming weeks. He expressed confidence that his conservative Supreme Court nomination would influence the court to restrict federally guaranteed abortion rights in 2022. Following the recent Supreme Court decision empowering states to set their own abortion rules, some states have imposed stricter restrictions, while others, such as Maryland, have imposed stricter restrictions. Abortion rights have been strengthened through legislation.
The debate over a national abortion ban remains a focal point for Democrats, including President Biden, who insists on swaying public opinion against such a ban. Trump acknowledged the political complexity of the issue, recognizing the need to include exceptions in any sanctions proposal to gain electoral support.
Reflecting on the impact of abortion views on elections, Trump highlighted the defeat of a Republican candidate in Pennsylvania in 2022 due to strong anti-abortion stances. He highlighted the existence of restrictions on abortion after a specific gestational period in countries such as France and throughout Europe.
Meanwhile, former Vice President mike pence Criticized Trump for not taking a stronger anti-abortion stance during the 2020 campaign, stressing the importance of supporting a ban of at least 15 weeks. Pence, a vocal campaigner, made it clear that he would not support Trump for the upcoming election. The ongoing debate over abortion policies highlights the divisive nature of the issue within the political landscape.

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