Trump to face his greatest fears as 2 legal threats coincide today


New York: Donald Trump He is expected to spend Monday morning in the courtroom of a New York judge who may soon preside over his court criminal cases And, ultimately, throw him behind bars.
And it's not even the legal dilemma that worries Trump most that day.
The hearing in his Manhattan criminal trial – in which he is accused of covering up a sex scandal to clear his way to the presidency – comes as he races to save a Financial Crisis Resulting from a $454 million verdict in another case. New York Attorney General Letitia James, who filed a civil fraud suit against the former president and his family business, could begin collecting as soon as Monday.
To avoid a lethal threat to the Trump Organization, Trump would have to persuade another company to post a bond on his behalf, promising to be reimbursed if he loses the pending appeal and fails to pay. So this will cover the decision. Yet Trump's lawyers said in court papers that it would be a “practical impossibility” to secure the bonds, because they would have to pledge about $550 million of cash and liquid investments as collateral for the bond company – an admission that raised concerns about Trump's actions. Cash crisis highlighted.
Unless Trump makes an eleventh-hour deal, James can freeze his bank accounts, and begin the long and complicated process of seizing some of his assets. And the judge could set a trial date in his criminal case for next month, preventing Trump's lawyers from achieving an unlikely legal victory. The dual threats on the same day, in the same city, crystallize two of Trump's biggest and longest-standing fears: a criminal conviction and a public perception that he doesn't have as much cash as he claims. Trump has admitted that he is hurt by the allegations. “No one wants to be blamed,” he said in June.

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