Trump’s lawyers seek to suspend $83M defamation verdict, citing ‘strong probability’ it won’t stand


New York: Donald Trump's lawyer Asked a New York judge on Friday to suspend an $83.3 million defamation judgment against the former president, saying “strong possibility“That it will be reduced RequestIf not terminated.
Lawyers appealed the request to Manhattan federal court, where a civil jury in late January awarded the amount to columnist E. Jean Carroll for advice after a five-day trial that focused solely on damages. A judge had ordered the jury to accept the findings of another jury, which concluded last year that Trump sexually assaulted Carroll in 1996 and defamed her in 2022.
The second jury focused only on statements made by Trump in 2019 when he was president in a case long pending due to appeal.
In a filing Friday, Trump's lawyers wrote that Judge Lewis A. Kaplan should suspend the execution of the judgment issued on Feb. 8 until a month after Trump resolves his post-trial motions, which is scheduled for March 7. Will be filed. Otherwise, they said, he should be granted partially protected immunity which would require Trump to post a bond for a fraction of the award.
The lawyers said the $65 million punitive award, in addition to $18.3 in compensatory damages, was “manifestly excessive” because it violates the Constitution and federal common law.
He said, “There is a strong possibility that the disposition of post-trial motions will substantially reduce, if not eliminate, the volume of verdicts.”
Trump did not participate in a trial last May when a Manhattan jury awarded Carroll $5 million after concluding that the real estate giant had purchased a building across the street from Trump Plaza in Midtown Manhattan in the spring of 1996. Carroll was sexually assaulted in the dressing room of the luxury Bergdorf Goodman store.
Since Carroll, 80, first made her claims public in a memoir in 2019, Trump, 77, has repeatedly ridiculed them as lies designed to sell his book and harm him politically. He called her a “freak” and said she was not “like him”, a reference Carroll testified meant to imply that she was too ugly to rape.
Carroll also testified that she has faced death threats from Trump supporters and that her reputation was tarnished by Trump's continued comments even while the trial was ongoing.
In the second trial, Trump attended regularly and testified briefly, although he did most of his communication with the jury through repeated shaking of his head and expletives muttered so loudly that a prosecutor Complained that the jurors certainly heard him and that the judge threatened to deport him. From the courtroom.
Roberta Kaplan, Carroll's attorney and no relation to the judge, declined to comment Friday.
Alina Hubba, one of Trump's lawyers, said in a statement that the January jury award was “grossly excessive.”
Hubba said, “The court should exercise its authority to prevent Ms. Carroll (sic) from enforcing this absurd decision, which will not withstand appeal.”
Since the January ruling, a state court judge in New York in a separate case ordered Trump and his companies to pay a $355 million fine for a years-long scheme to defraud banks and others with financial statements. Has given, which has increased his wealth. He owes the state about $454 million, including interest.

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