UAE diplomat says ‘irreversible’ progress to Palestinian state needed for Gaza reconstruction

Feb 12, 2024

Dubai: The UAE Ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday that “irreversible progress“Towards A two-state solution till Palestinian-Israeli conflict for one regional commitment For the reconstruction of Gaza.
Lana Nusseibeh said there was “very strong” Arab consensus that such progress was required for any contribution to reconstruction in Gaza after the devastating war between Israel and Hamas ended.
“We can't keep paying back money and then watch everything we've built get destroyed,” he said at the World Government Summit in Dubai.
“There must be an irreversible progression to a two-state solution to include regional partners in part of the reconstruction…and it must be something that has international guardrails and benchmarks and it must have the support of the United States and other key actors.” Between,” she said.
The Gulf countries have historically helped rebuild after past conflicts.
However, the extent of the destruction is unprecedented in the decades of conflict between Israel and Palestinians after the four-month war in Gaza, in which more than 85% of the enclave's population was driven from their homes.
The UAE is one of several Arab countries that have established diplomatic relations with Israel in recent years.
Nusseibeh's comments match the stance of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries on the need for clear progress toward Palestinian statehood.

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