UK PM Rishi Sunak faces leadership test as Tories trail Labour in new poll


New Delhi: A comprehensive vote Run by former Tory treasurer Lord Ashcroft has revealed that conservative Party trailing behind Labor On every important political issue expressed by voters. This includes traditional Conservative strongholds such as defence, tax and immigration, with a surprise deficit of 35 points on NHS-related matters.
Despite overwhelming support for Labor on these issues, 45% of voters expressed reservations about a government led by Labour's Sir Keir Starmer, the Daily Mail reports. This sentiment puts considerable pressure on current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to prevent a possible election defeat.
The poll, which surveyed more than 5,400 voters, shows that Labor holds a strong 21-point lead over the Conservatives, and if the trend holds in the upcoming general election the potential result could translate into a historic landslide victory for Labour. Are. ,
Key findings of the survey include:
On the NHS and social care, 49% of respondents supported Labour, while only 14% supported the Conservatives.
Labor is also ahead in cost of living by a margin of 41:19, and in economy and jobs by a margin of 37:23.
Even on immigration, traditionally a Conservative stronghold, Labor leads 34:20.
Addressing the issue of leadership, only 13% of respondents felt that the Conservative Party's values ​​closely match the public's values, and only 11% trust the Tories. Will win the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, 34% of respondents saw Sir Keir Starmer as a better prime minister than Sunak, who received only 19% support.
The survey also discussed controversial policies such as a plan to deport Channel migrants to Rwanda, which is seen as important for garnering Conservative support. Nevertheless, public opinion is divided: the Daily Mail reports that 38% of people support the plan, while 42% are opposed to Sir Keir.
Lord Ashcroft highlighted the dilemma facing Sunak, whether to delay the election in the hope of political change or go ahead as planned. He said, “We can certainly understand why an embattled prime minister would want to put off an election as long as possible in the hope that something might get done. But what if things continued to get worse?”
As the political landscape changes, the Conservatives face the challenge of not only retaining their base but also winning back those who have shifted their allegiance to other parties, a task almost This has been difficult due to the widespread preference for Labor on all policy fronts.

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