Ukraine-origin Miss Japan renounces title over affair

Feb 7, 2024

Ukraine-born winner of this year's Miss India Japan She has relinquished her title after a magazine article about her affair with a married man was published, organizers of the beauty contest and pageant say. Karolina Shine Miss Japan was crowned on January 22, sparking a renewed public debate over what it means to be Japanese in a country where uniformity and conformity are still valued.
weekly bunshun The magazine reported this last week Shino Was in a relationship with a doctor who is married. Initially, she seemed to confirm the relationship but said she did not know he was married. Later, she said that his earlier explanation “was not true” and that she was aware of his married status and that he had a family. She apologized and said she was in a state of shock and fear from the report and was nervous. The office of Miss Japan organizers said Tuesday that Shino's relinquishment of the title has been accepted and the spot will remain vacant for the 2024 winner.
The scandal reignited a wave of criticism of Shino on social media, but also raised questions as to why he was mostly blamed for the affair. man, takuma maedaAn influencer known as “Muscle Doctor” admitted on Instagram that he had no intention of divorcing his wife and apologized for causing trouble to Shino and others. He pledged to be sincerely dedicated to his work and personal life.
In Japan's male-dominated culture, women are expected to be good mothers and wives, and are more publicly punished than men in the case of extramarital affairs.

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