Ukraine says it ‘ran out of missiles’ to stop Russian strike ruining power station


President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine's lack of air defense missiles prevented Ukraine from repelling a Russian missile attack last week that destroyed the largest power plant in the vicinity of the capital Kiev.
Zelensky's comments, which follow repeated warnings from his government to its allies about scarce air defenses, reflect the dire situation in which Ukraine finds itself as Russia has stepped up attacks on it. energy system,
He said in an interview with PBS, “There were 11 missiles flying. We destroyed the first seven, and the four (remaining) destroyed Trypillia. Why? Because there were zero missiles. We had no means to defend Trypillia. The missiles are gone.”
Reuters was not able to independently verify the account. Zelensky has previously warned that Ukraine already has to make tough choices about security and said his country could lose its defensive missiles altogether if Russian attacks continue.
Trypilska destroyed in the March 11 strike thermal power plant Kyiv had the largest energy facility and was built to a capacity of 1,800 MW, which exceeded the pre-war needs of Ukraine's largest city. Other stations and imports have made up for the shortfall for now but residents have been urged to conserve electricity.
Russia has stepped up combined missile and drone attacks targeting Ukraine's grid system since mid-March. This is the second concerted Russian attack on the energy system since the Russian military invaded Ukraine more than two years ago and it has proven to be far more destructive than the first attack.
In recent attacks, Ukraine lost approximately 7 gigawatts of power generation capacity, with major thermal power plants and transmission capacities significantly damaged.
Moscow says the attacks are aimed at reducing Ukraine's fighting ability and in retaliation for recent attacks inside Russia.
Western allies have been reluctant to send additional air defense to Ukraine, which says it needs 25 Patriot systems to properly cover its territory. Germany has promised to deliver another system following an urgent call from Kiev.

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