Ukrainian-born Miss Japan Carolina Shiino gives up her title after an article about her affair with a married man

Feb 6, 2024

New Delhi: Carolina ShinoUkraine-born winner of Miss India 2024 Japan beauty pageant, has voluntarily relinquished her title after an article was published in a magazine detailing her involvement in an affair with a married man. This revelation sparked public discussion on the complexities of identity in Japan, a country that places high importance on uniformity and conformity.
In a message posted to her Instagram account on Monday, Shino confirmed that she had offered to resign from her crown and modeling agency, and that her offer had been accepted. magazine weekly bunshun Last week, reports said that Shino was in a relationship with a married doctor, to which she had initially accepted the relationship while claiming ignorance of his marital status.
Shino later amended her statement, admitting that she knew about the doctor's marital status and family. He attributed the shock and fear over the article to its initial misinformation and apologized for causing trouble and deceiving his supporters. He also apologized to the man's partner, family and all other parties involved.
The office of Miss Japan organizers announced on Tuesday that Shino's relinquishment of the title had been accepted. He further announced that the spot for the 2024 winner would remain vacant and took responsibility for the situation and apologized for the inconvenience to sponsors, judges and others. The organization initially defended Shino based on his initial explanation but expressed regret for the ensuing controversy.
The scandal reignited discussions on social media, raising questions as to why Shino had to bear the brunt of public criticism while the person involved in the matter remained silent. In Japan's traditionally male-dominated culture, women often bear the brunt of public criticism in cases of extramarital affairs, reflecting societal expectations of women as good mothers and wives.
This incident has come to light after Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosu last year faced indefinite suspension from her acting contract due to an alleged affair with a married celebrity chef, highlighting the persistent double standards in the public's treatment of men and women involved in similar situations. Is.
Shino, who has lived in Japan since the age of 5 and became a naturalized citizen in 2022, has previously emphasized her strong sense of Japanese identity despite her Caucasian appearance. The controversy has prompted discussion about social expectations, identity, and treatment of individuals in Japan's emerging cultural landscape.

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