Union Education minister inaugurates national conference on ‘APAAR- One Nation One Student ID Card’ |


New Delhi: Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Tuesday inaugurated a national conference to commemorate the creation of Rs 25 crore 'APAAR': One Nation One Student ID Card, immense ID connects to a student Academic Bank of Credit (ABC), which stores all their academic educations, certifications, credentials, formal or informal credits earned from various sources, down to a granular level of credits like skill credits, sports or social work, which are digitally verified. Credit providing agency.
“'One Nation, One Student ID' is envisioned national education policy (NEP) 2020, and the conference will deliberate on creating a seamless educational landscape, facilitating academic mobility and ensuring data security and privacy for students,” Pradhan said.
“APAAR ID was introduced to address the need for a single, unified identity to streamline interactions across students’ educational journey,” Pradhan said.
According to Pradhan, this single platform will display academic records in a consolidated form and will also help students monitor their academic journey, create personalized study plans and enable real-time performance analysis.
The Minister also highlighted the importance of several important digital public infrastructure (DPIs) developed in the country in recent years.
“53 such DPIs have been developed in 16 countries, of which 19 are in India. Through a detailed discussion on the impact of APARs, the gathering will explore strategies to further enhance the credit system in educational institutions and enhance industry collaboration, In which emphasis will be laid on the important links of academic credit, job profile and student employability, a senior education ministry official said.
“The event will also outline next steps to broaden integration of the credit system and create awareness among industry partners,” he said, highlighting the importance of APAR ID in aligning education with labor market demands. Will go.”

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