University students become tram operators as Germany faces manpower shortage


New Delhi: Public transport operators like VAG in Nuremberg are recruiting university students part-time tram driver According to an AFP report, they face a severe shortage of manpower.
Applicants must be over 21 years of age and have a regular driver's license. The company plans to recruit 160 new drivers annually to operate metro, trams and buses.
Harald Ruben, in charge of recruitment, stressed the importance of exploring all options to reach your recruitment targets.
The public transport sector in Germany is suffering from a severe workforce shortage, leading to concerns of service disruption as thousands of positions remain vacant.
Transport workers have recently gone on strike to draw attention to their challenges, highlighting the impact that understaffing is having on their well-being.
In response to the crisis, cities such as Mannheim and Munich are also turning to students to fill gaps in public transportation services.
New recruits are being given intensive training on a four-week course during the school holidays, combining theory lessons with practical experience on a tram simulator before trying their hands on a real tram.

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