Uriyadi Vijay Kumar on his upcoming ‘Election’: ‘I love playing an angry young man’


Election It's just around the corner! If you are checking for an ink stain on your finger that has not yet been removed, you can rest assured that you have fulfilled your civic duty. But Election We are referring to director-actor Vijay Kumar's next film, directed by Thamiz Seththuman fame. ,Election It is actually a family drama that uses politics as a backdrop. There is an underlying message that the film emphasizes on. The film’s lead character is not well-versed with the profession and how he unknowingly gets involved in it, only to have it changed in the end, it bothered me,” says Vijay, who points out that his two directorial films (uriyadi And Uriyadi 2 ) were “straight political films”.

“I wasn't planning on making another political film like this, but this story was different,” says Vijay, who believes we have more films on grassroots politics. Are not. “I think it's because some people think it might cause controversy. Just as romance and horror are genres, I think politics should also be a genre in itself. Even if we don't preach the messages, having it as a backdrop brings out a lot in the film that can be expressed.”

What does it take to make a film on politics?

Director Thamizh Seththuman There was a strong attack on the politics of caste and food. Vijay Kumar promises this ElectionOn the other hand, it has its share of commercial elements. “When Thamizh came to me he had a bound script and it was not written keeping any particular actor in mind. Even in the press meet he said that he has written this film and he is looking for actors with some political knowledge. Election This is a commercial film made to reach the masses,” says Vijay, who compares it with his previous creation. Uriyadi 2, “There, the main character spoke directly about his political stance. which i liked the most Election How flawed the hero is; It is the journey that evolves him.

A scene from 'Elections'

A scene from 'Election' Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Speaking about maintaining a good balance when it comes to sharing a message through a commercial film, Vijay says, “Let's not even call it a message; If this is an idea that you want to debate in someone's mind, then we cannot let the characters of such a story take their shape because we have already decided what they should do. When it does, it is very likely to be artificial or preachy. That is why time is spent in defining these characters well.”

The actor also cites ensuring that the film doesn't offend anyone as another challenge of the genre. He said, “Such a film is bound to hurt someone. Therefore balancing the content becomes paramount. With the right political skills, we can ensure that the damage is minimal (laughs, While making such a story, we had to be more aware of contemporary politics than the script. Almost all the names that came to us for the imaginary party were already registered, and it was difficult to find a color for the party flag that did not resemble any real color. We had to convey what we wanted without seeming preachy; It should not be controversial but also commercially successful,” quipped Vijay.

A new angry young man in town

When I point out how he approached the role of an angry young man, Vijay says, “I don't think it was intentional; after fight Club, I heard a variety of stories and I am ready to work in all genres. But the truth is that my first two films and the dialogue writing for them Soorarai Pottru Gave me such an image. The movies I'm getting are also similar to what I'm trying to avoid. He said, I enjoy playing the character of an angry young man.

The actor considers such roles an extension of his personality: “Despite having a cheerful soul and a great sense of humor, when I read the news, it makes me angry. When fellow human beings are in trouble, a part of us wants to find the source of the problem which could be either the system or the individual. But, as an industry insider, I have also realized that if I continue to do this, I will become stereotyped.

A scene from 'Elections'

A scene from 'Election' Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Films and their impact on society

The conversation turns to the impact of message-laden movies on real life, and there are many examples where movies don't have that much of an impact.

“I don't think portraying an issue in a film will directly lead to change in real life, but most of the solutions to these problems cannot be solved overnight. It may take years but change will come and a wonderful society will be created. The people who are trying to bring about change today are the seeds sown by many of our ancestors. The implications may not be immediate but it creates a butterfly effect that will result in lane changes,” he says and emphasizes that good work should not be stopped even if there is a lack of encouraging conditions. “I admire people who do it despite it; Jai BheemFor example, made me cry out loud. I'm not sure I would be able to do such a film because I feel it takes a big star to say something important. Otherwise, it will be made as a short film so that a few people can appreciate it, but the public will not even know of its existence. This is the situation today.”

a director who has a direction

Talking about making films, it has been five years since Vijay Kumar started directing. “Taking into acting was a conscious decision, but I didn't get the kind of projects I had imagined and the ones that did succeed took longer than I expected. fight ClubFor example, it took three years and it was not in my hands. I find it interesting to see another person's imagination and creativity brought to life and presented differently. We live in our own little world, but other people come from different backgrounds with different perspectives. I love watching films and this in turn inspires me to be a part of diverse projects. It didn't work out much in my favor and I'm writing my next film,” says Vijay.

“I want to act when the right film comes, but till then, instead of waiting for it to knock on my door, I want to write. Depending on how things turn out, my next directorial will take shape and I am hoping to make a film at least by the end of next year. Even while acting in films, the director in me has not stopped working; I note down the points and keep an eye on improving my skills. At the moment, I feel comfortable acting in my own films… but this is not a decision made in stone. Once I grow old or lose my market, I might not be able to act, but directing has always been my passion and I will do it till the end.

Election is scheduled to release in theaters on May 17.

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