US defence secretary Lloyd Austin discharged from hospital


Washington DC: US Secretary of Defense lloyd austin was was discharged From Walter Reed National Medical Center The US Defense Department announced in a statement at 3.30 pm (local time) on Tuesday.
In a statement, the US Department of Defense said, “He is recovering well and will resume his full duties and duties at 5 p.m. today. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, White House and Congress Is the President of.” Was informed.”
According to the statement, Austin will recover and perform his duties away from home for a period of time before returning to work at the Pentagon later this week. The statement further reads, “He has full access to unclassified and classified communications systems necessary to perform his duties.”
“Secretary Austin was admitted,” trauma medical director Dr. John Maddox and Dr. Gregory Chesnutt, director of the Prostate Disease Research Center at Murtha Cancer Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, said in the statement. “He had discomfort and anxiety from bladder problems related to his December 2023 prostate cancer surgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Feb. 11.”
Doctors further said, “His condition indicated the need for close monitoring and supportive care by the critical care team. His clinical assessment identified the cause of his bladder problem and resolved it with non-surgical procedures on February 12.” Fixed.”
According to the statement, lloyd austin He remained in “good condition” throughout and no longer required critical care monitoring on the morning of 13 February. He progressed well and was discharged home today and is expected to make a full recovery.
“The bladder issue was not related to his cancer diagnosis and will have no impact on his excellent cancer prognosis,” the statement said.
Earlier, Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh had announced that Lloyd Austin was expected to be released. hospital Later on Tuesday (local time) after being treated for a bladder problem.
Addressing a press briefing on Tuesday (local time), Sabrina Singh said, “Secretary Austin is still at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and in good condition. Deputy Secretary (Kathleen) Hicks will assume the functions and duties of the Secretary. are being maintained.” This time of protection. However, we anticipate that Secretary Austin will be released from the hospital later today. Therefore, we will provide updates as to when that occurs, and when he will resume his full duties and functions.”
“As reported yesterday, the Secretary still intends to participate in the Ukraine Defense Liaison Group tomorrow. This will include delivering opening remarks, which will be livestreamed and available for viewing on the DOD website. We would like to extend to you Secretary Austin's Will continue to update the situation later today.
Responding to a media query, Singh said that the bladder problem due to which Austin was admitted to the hospital on Sunday was not related to his earlier cancer diagnosis.
Earlier in December, he had a minimally invasive surgical procedure for prostate cancer. After his hospitalization on January 1, questions were raised about the late notification to the White House and the public.
On January 1, Austin was readmitted to the hospital due to complications “including nausea along with severe pain in the abdomen, hip and leg,” CNN reported, citing the hospital. The statement said he was found to have a urinary tract infection.
Addressing the issue, Secretary Austin acknowledged his failure to promptly disclose his cancer diagnosis to President Joe Biden and the American public. He expressed regret for initially keeping the matter private, citing his reserved nature and reluctance to burden others.
He said, “I didn't handle it properly. I should have told the President about my cancer diagnosis. I should have told my team and the American public. And I take full responsibility. I stand by my teammates and the American people.” I apologize.” ,

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