US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin urges Senate to pass National Security Bill ‘immediately’


Washington: US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin requested management committee to pass national security bill to do immediately Invest in America's national securitywhich will further strengthen its resistance Indo-Pacific,
He commended the Senate's passage of an important national-security supplemental measure that will advance America's core security interests and its core values ​​as the country continues to stand strong with its allies and partners around the world.
Additionally, he stressed that the bipartisan legislation would also provide military assistance to Ukraine to protect it from attacks by Russia, adding that it would also provide assistance to Israel against terrorist attacks by Hamas.
“This important piece of bipartisan legislation will provide urgently needed military assistance to Ukraine to help it defend itself against Putin's blatant aggression; it will provide additional security assistance to Israel following the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack, as well as Gaza It will provide humanitarian assistance to innocent Palestinian civilians in the U.S.; and it will strengthen our deterrence capability in the Indo-Pacific,” he said.
Austin said, “The world is watching, and lives are at risk. I urge the House to immediately pass this bipartisan bill to invest in America's national security.”
Highlighting the ongoing attacks in the Red Sea, he said the bill would also provide U.S. Central Command additional resources to support its forces in defending themselves against Iranian-backed militias.
“The national-security bill will also provide additional resources to U.S. Central Command to support our forces countering attacks by Iranian-backed militias and protecting international commerce in the Red Sea from the Houthis' reckless and unlawful attacks,” he said. ”
In addition, the bill will also strengthen America's domestic industries and provide resources to create more good American jobs across the country, including $20 billion to buy new capabilities and gear to replenish the US military stockpile. , including US$13.8 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. and US$3.3 billion to strengthen the US submarine industrial base.
Austin added, “As was the case with previous supplements, the bulk of the supplement will flow through our defense industrial base, supporting American jobs in dozens of states across our country and driving greater prosperity at home and around the world.” “Will create greater security.”
Emphasizing that the need for this replenishment is felt most acutely in Ukraine, he said that Ukraine's top defense officials have already warned us that their units no longer have ammunition reserves. Which they need to stop Putin's invading armies.
He further called on Congress to pass full-year appropriations.
He said, “Failure to fund the Department of Defense commensurate with the annual defense bill would have serious consequences for America's security, economy, global standing, and democracy.”
Reiterating America's role, Austin said, “Only one country can provide the leadership that is demanded at this moment – ​​and that is the United States. Without strong and stable American leadership the dangers of our time will grow worse.” Will go. If we do that we will not stop other potential aggressors, we will only invite more aggression, bloodshed and chaos.”
The cost of American leadership is therefore far less than the cost of American abandonment and withdrawal, he said.

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