US expected to impose new sanctions against occupied West Bank outposts, Axios reports


Biden administration New sanctions are expected to be imposed on two illegal checkpoints The settlement was used as a base for attacks by “extremist” Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Axios reported late Wednesday, citing three US officials.
Axios cited a US official as saying that the sanctions, expected to be imposed by Thursday, are aimed at sending a message that the US is not only targeting individuals but also those involved in providing logistical and financial support for attacks against Palestinians. Institutions are also being targeted.
US officials told Axios that new sanctions will also be imposed on three Israeli residents.
The US State Department did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment on the Axios report.
In February the Biden administration imposed sanctions on four Israelis accused of involvement in settler violence in the West Bank, a sign of growing US resentment toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies.
The administration also said in February that the expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank was inconsistent with international law, marking a return to long-standing U.S. policy on the issue, which was endorsed by Donald Trump's previous administration. Had reversed.
Since the 1967 Middle East war, Israel has occupied the West Bank of the Jordan River, which the Palestinians want as an independent state. It has created Jewish settlements there that most countries consider illegal. Israel disputes this and cites historical and biblical ties to the land.
Israel has intensified raids in the West Bank since the Gaza war began in October. UN records show at least 358 people have been killed in the Palestinian territories since October 7, a quarter of them children.
The death toll in Gaza has exceeded 31,000 since Hamas fighters attacked Israel on October 7, with about 1,200 killed according to Israeli figures.

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