US military downs seven Houthi missiles targeted at Red sea | World News


New Delhi: The United States Army It was revealed on Friday that he successfully destroyed seven mobiles. anti-ship cruise missiles That Houthi rebels were preparing to head towards the target the Red Sea,
This marks the continuation of the Houthi group's targeting of shipping in the Red Sea. The attacks have increased in the past months despite previous US and British attacks aimed at reducing the Houthi group's capabilities.
US forces on Friday intercepted three unmanned aerial vehicle attack drones near commercial ships in the Red Sea. In the operation a day earlier, US forces targeted four Houthi drones with two anti-ship cruise missiles. CENTCOM revealed that these weapons were preparing to launch Houthi-controlled areas Towards the Red Sea in Yemen.
Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping that began in November were initially justified by the group as actions in support of Palestinians in Gaza. They claimed to target ships belonging to Israel. However, the situation worsened when US and UK forces responded with attacks against Houthi rebels and the Houthis subsequently declared US and British interests as legitimate targets.
The attacks came against a backdrop of heightened regional tensions over Israel's campaign in Gaza, which was precipitated by an unprecedented Hamas attack on October 7. This has spread anger across the Middle East, leading to increased violence linked to Iran-backed groups in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. , and Yemen.
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