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a sharp winter storm swept through North east on Tuesday, leading to mixed reactions and results across the region. While some areas received less snowfall than expected, other areas received heavy snowfall, causing widespread disruption to travel, schooling and daily life.
In Hartford, Connecticut, the storm was notable for its speed and variability in snow accumulation across cities. New York City received a modest 3 inches of snowfall, but up to 15 inches were recorded in parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. This variability underlined the unpredictable nature of winter storms, with some residents welcoming snow after a calm winter season.
More than 32 million people were under a winter storm warning issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) as Hurricane Lorraine made landfall.
The storm's impact on schools was significant, particularly in New York City, where remote learning was implemented due to the snow. However, technical glitches hampered online classes, causing frustration among students, parents and teachers. The decision to go away rather than declare a snow day was defended by Mayor Eric Adams as a measure to combat learning loss from the pandemic, though the execution faced criticism.
More than 145,000 power outages were reported in Pennsylvania and several thousand in New Jersey Tuesday morning, but there were few outages in New York and New England.
Travel was heavily impacted, with more than 1,000 flights canceled or delayed, particularly in New York City and Boston. Slick roads have led to accidents, and a tragic incident in Pennsylvania resulted in the death of a man driving a snowmobile. Power outages also created challenges, affecting more than 145,000 customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
The storm prompted state and local officials to take precautions, leading to the closure of government buildings and courthouses in Connecticut. Residents and workers were then seen clearing snow, indicating the storm's rapid passage and the heavy, wet snow it deposited.
As the Northeast recovers from the storm, this incident is a reminder of the unpredictability of winter and the need for preparedness in the event of severe weather.
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