US Presidential election: Biden and Trump win primaries in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin


us President Joe Biden And Donald Trump won the primary in Rhode Island, connecticutNew York, and wisconsinThis shows that voters are excited to see the upcoming 2020 rematch.
Wins in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York were easy for him but Wisconsin was a bit difficult. Wisconsin Democrats will be keenly monitoring voting for “unruly delegation” after progressive organizers launched a campaign to encourage voters to withdraw their support in protest of the US President's conduct in the Gaza war.
“Uncommitted” in Rhode Island and Connecticut was getting a similar share of the vote as the protest campaigns in Minnesota and Michigan, which got 19 percent and 13 percent, respectively.
In New York, Steve Wheatley, a 70-year-old registered Republican, said he wishes there were more candidates to choose from. He said that due to lack of options he voted for Nikki Haley even though he had no chance.
“We need young candidates with fresh ideas for president,” said Wheatley, a resident of Athens, a small town in the Hudson Valley. “I would prefer a Democrat but our choices are few. Look at what Biden has done so far with the economy.
Kenosha cashier Theresa Laubs, 55, said the rising costs of food and gas are making things difficult for her family. Nevertheless, he supported Biden in the Democratic primary because he believes he is working to reduce inflation.
“I think it's the economy now, and I hope Joe continues to work even harder over the next four years to get these things down and make it easier for working families,” Laubs said.
Trump and Biden have turned their attention to the general election after Haley dropped out of the GOP race. Biden visited key battlefields after his State of the Union address. Biden and the Democratic National Committee have left Trump and the Republicans behind in terms of raising funds. Biden set a new fundraising record by raising $26 million at a high-profile event in New York attended by prominent entertainment industry figures and former Democratic Presidents Obama and Clinton.
Trump aims to outdo Biden with a fundraiser expected to bring in $33 million in Palm Beach, Florida this weekend. With both candidates clinching their party's nomination, turnout remained slow in Rhode Island, with only 4 percent of eligible voters having cast their ballots as of 5 p.m., including in-person, mail-in and early voting .
Voting was also slow across the border in Connecticut, where early voting took place for the first time in state history. Secretary of State Stephanie Thomas said turnout as of 11 a.m. was only 1 percent to 2 percent in some communities, while it was 4% in Stamford, one of the state's largest cities. “We've been hearing from people on the ground over the last few weeks that this is not a competitive primary,” he said of the low numbers.
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