US sanctions Chinese cyber espionage firm


Washington: America imposed on Monday restrictions on one China based firm It was said a Ministry of State Security The front company has been accused of serving as a cover for several malicious cyber operations and targeting US critical infrastructure, including a Texas-based energy company.
The US Treasury Department said in a statement that the sanctions remain in place Wuhan Xiaoruizi Science and Technology as well as two Chinese nationals, a collective effort involving the US Department of Justice, the FBI, the State Department, and the United Kingdom.
Such malicious entities are called advanced persistent threats (APTs). Treasury said APT31 is a collection of Chinese intelligence officers working for the Hubei branch of China's Ministry of State Security who conduct cyber espionage for the state. The same officials established a front, Wuhan Xiaoruizi Science and Technology, to carry out those campaigns. APT31 has so far targeted high-ranking US officials and advisers, including members of the White House, Justice, Commerce, Treasury and State departments, members of Congress, and others.

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