US, UK unveil sweeping sanctions on Iran following attacks on Israel | World News


New Delhi: In response to the recent missile and drone attack on Israel, the US and Britain have imposed new sanctions against Iran. These measures specifically target Iran's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) production, focusing on entities and individuals involved in the production of components, including the engine types used in the attack.
According to a statement from the US Treasury Department, the sanctions are aimed at 16 individuals and two entities facilitating Iran's UAV production, specifically highlighting the engine types powering Iran's Shaheed Edition UAVs, which were banned on April 13. Was deployed in the attack. Similarly, the United Kingdom has announced its own set of sanctions, focusing on Iranian military organizations, individuals and entities engaged in Iran's UAV and ballistic missile industries.
In addition to targeting UAV production, the restrictions extend to other sectors including steel production and automotive industries. statement for US sanctions The designation of five companies in several jurisdictions refers to Iran's Khuzestan Steel Company (KSC), an important steel producer in Iran, providing materials for steel production. Additionally, three subsidiaries of Iranian automaker Bahman Group have been selected to support Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
The sanctions from the US and Britain come amid broader international efforts to curtail Iran's ability to acquire, produce or transfer weapons for destabilizing activities in the region.
The leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized democracies and the European Union have recently signaled their intention to intensify sanctions against Iran in response to increased tensions.
The enhanced sanctions are in response to Iran's retaliation for what it claims was an Israeli attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus on April 1. On the other hand, Israel has vowed to retaliate for the Iranian attacks.
In response to Israeli threats, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander has hinted at the possibility of a review of Iran's “nuclear doctrine”, raising concerns of potential escalation.
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