Vedanta plans to invest $6 billion across business


New Delhi: Mining group Vedanta will invest $6 billion expansion across all businesses aluminum And zinc It wants to add at least $2.5 billion in annual EBITDA for iron ore, steel and oil and gas, its executives said at an investor meeting.
It has a pipeline of over 50 active projects and expansions to drive growth, which is expected to generate incremental revenues of over $6 billion and EBITDA estimated at over $5 billion in the current fiscal year ending March 31. That will increase to another $6 billion next year. He said that by fiscal year 2027 it will increase to $7.5 billion.
According to a presentation given at the investor meeting, Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal said the company will “reach a different level in the next 25 years”. His brother and vice president Naveen Aggarwal gave information about the plans.

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