Venezuelan influencer arrested over alleged ‘terrorist’ ties


New Delhi: Venezuelan YouTuber Oscar AlejandroThe man known for his travel videos was detained caracas for alleged ties toterrorist activities,' according to his family. However, officials have not commented on this matter.
His family said in a statement that according to available information, Alejandro to arrest Is linked to allegations of terrorist activities.
He was arrested at the city's airport as he was leaving canaimaA national park is famous for Angel Falls,
with an important online followAlejandro's content showcases his global adventures.
Venezuelan authorities have reported uncovering six alleged terrorism-related plots this year, resulting in more than 40 arrests, including those of activists.
Authorities have not yet disclosed the specifics of the charges against Alejandro.
YouTuber, Oscar Alejandro Pérez Martínez, has nearly two million subscribers on YouTube and over 580,000 followers on Instagram. The investigation into the case is ongoing and more information is awaited from the authorities.

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