Viral: This “Speedy Singh Burger” In Punjab With Noodles Filling Has The Internet Divided


Noodles and burgers are among the most popular street food options for foodies. But have you ever tried them together? A video shared by a food page on Instagram showcases a street vendor in Punjab selling burgers with noodles stuffed between the buns. Surprised? Well, don’t be, as this unique food combination, known as the ‘Speedy Singh Burger,’ has become the most viral burger in Punjab. It’s such a massive hit that customers in the clip are seen lining up to buy it. The video begins with the vendor toasting the buns in butter, followed by adding a generous amount of cream sauce, sweet corn, capsicum, and carrots. Then, he sprinkles oregano and adds green chutney to enhance the flavour. Finally, the hero ingredient arrives: pre-made street-style chowmein. The clip was accompanied by the text, “Speedy Singh, the most viral burger of Punjab.” Take a look:
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The viral clip, which has garnered 8 million views, has divided the Internet. While many praised the street vendor’s style, a few expressed concerns about the messiness of adding noodles between burgers. One comment read, “Bhai, the burger is good, but adding chowmein makes it messy. [The burger is good, but adding chowmein makes it messy].” A user lauded the vendor and wrote, “His smile is wholesome.” Another said, “Very good bro,” and concluded with a series of clap emojis.
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In addition to this, the comments section was filled with “good” and thumbs-up emojis. Prior to this, another clip went viral where a woman prepared a Maggi burger. Instead of using two buns, the woman in the clip used a bun made of cooked Maggi noodles and placed a fried patty in the middle of it. Read all about it here.

What are your thoughts on this video? Would you be interested in trying this burger? Tell us in the comments below!

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