Viral: This Whipped Honey Recipe Is Taking Internet By Storm: Heres Why You Need To Try It

Feb 6, 2024

Chefs, food bloggers, and cooking enthusiasts are always up for blessing our social media feeds with delicious recipes. Many people (including actor Alia Bhatt) have confessed to being addicted to watching food reels on Instagram, even if they do not cook anything out of those videos. However, one such viral food trend that you too can hop on and recreate in your kitchen is the sweet and creamy — whipped honey. Social media platforms are flooded with pictures and videos of this honey version. So what exactly is whipped honey and how to eat it? Read on to learn it all.

What Is Whipped Honey?

This is simple. Whipped honey is your regular, liquid honey whipped using a hand or stand mixer. What changes? Whipped honey is light, creamy, airy, and luxurious. You can enjoy it as a spread, topping, or a regular sweetener, replacing sugar.

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What Makes Whipped Honey Special?

Honey, even in its liquid form, is thick and sticky, which can make it difficult to use in general. When you whip it, the new creamier texture can be used more easily in your recipes. Plus, it transforms the honey’s texture from sticky to creamy. If you have honey stored at home starting to crystallize, it is best to whip it to get that smooth and creamy texture. After whipping, the colour also changes from brown-gold to almost off-white.

How To Eat Whipped Honey?

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Whipped honey can be used on top of waffles, or pancakes, or mixed into your daily oatmeal. Here are some simple and interesting recipes you can try with whipped honey:

Here Are 5 Delicious Recipes Using Whipped Honey:

1. Simple Buttered Toast

No fuss with this recipe. Take a slice of bread or bun, and toast it or heat it on a pan. Add some butter and a spoonful of whipped honey. Enjoy!

2. Cold Coffee

Combine espresso shots with two spoons of whipped honey and milk for a delicious coffee. You can also add ice and a pinch of salt to enhance the flavour.
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3. Honey Cinnamon French Toast

Explore various flavours of whipped honey by combining it with different ingredients. You can mix it with some cinnamon and vanilla essence to add more flavour. You can use this as a topping for your French toast.

4. Strawberry Crostini

Here is a fancy yet easy recipe. Toast a sourdough bread and top it with whipped honey and cream cheese. Add slices of strawberries on top and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

5. Honey Mustard Sauce

This is a great sauce for sandwiches, subs, or a dip for fried snacks. Whisk honey, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, cayenne pepper, and white distilled vinegar. Your delicious dip is ready!

Do you like honey plain or in this whipped version? Tell us in the comments.

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