Viral Video: Fire Momos Is The Latest Food Experiment On The Block


Momos hold a special place in the hearts of every street food lover. For most foodies, resisting momos sounds close to impossible. This unmatchable love for momos has made it a favourite for all kinds of food experiments. After the viral momo burger, another style of making momos is trending on the internet – “fire momos”. An Instagram food blogger (@eatthisagra) has dropped a video of a momo vendor in Jaipur who makes the unique recipe. The viral video has clocked more than one million views.
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The momos-making process begins with the vendor stir-frying cheese and paneer momos until these turn slightly golden brown. The excess oil is transferred to another container. Next, the vendor adds chopped cabbage and schezwan chutney on top of the fried momos. Before mixing all the ingredients, the vendor adds some vinegar to the remaining oil, lighting up a fire that touches the roof of his stall. After this, he again begins stir-frying the ingredients. The momos are served with spicy chutney. 

Watch the full video here:

The ‘fire momos’ were successful in grasping the attention of the internet. Several users lauded the unique preparation of the dish. The comments section was flooded with many calling the dish, “amazing” and “best”.

Someone who have already tasted the dish before said, “Yaar best hote hai. [These are best]”. A user said, “Ye taste khin Or ni mila… [I couldn’t find this taste anywhere else].” Many chicken momo fans also asked if the vendor sells chicken momos.
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Previously, the making of street-style burger momos went viral. The Instagram video started with the vendor toasting the burger buns before adding mustard. Next, he added tandoori mayonnaise and regular mayonnaise. A generous spread of ketchup was added along with slices of tomatoes, carrots, and chopped onions. The vendor placed a burger patty on one bun and three momos on the other. He topped the momos with a handful of noodles, more mayonnaise, and green sauce before wrapping it all up for serving. Read all about it along with the video here.

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