Viral Video: Influencer Claims IndiGos Pre-Packed Dishes Have More Sodium Than Maggi, Airline Responds


A recent video on plane food by popular influencer Revant Himatsingka, also known as “Food Pharmer”, has taken the internet by storm. In an X post, Revant states that he bought all the ready-to-eat flight food options available on IndiGo Airlines. He proceeds to analyse the sodium content of some of them. Part of the caption of the now-viral post reads, “Just because “Upma”, “Poha”, “Dal chawal” sound healthy, does not mean they are healthy. Always remember junk food pretending to be healthy, is even more dangerous than junk food.”

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In the video, Revant says, “Most of us consider Maggi [the popular Instant noodles [to be unhealthy because it has a lot of sodium. But the shocking part is IndiGo’s magic upma has 50% more sodium than Maggi”. He goes on to provide exact figures from the labels of the food items to highlight his point. Furthermore, he demonstrates that IndiGo’s poha has almost double the sodium content of Maggi and IndiGo’s dal chawal has an almost equal content (as that of the noodles).

“We already eat too much sodium in India. Eating excess sodium increases blood pressure, which can result in heart and kidney issues,” he points out. He recommends two options for those travelling by IndiGo. One should either bring food packed from home on flights or buy IndiGo’s “decent” nut case/almond box, he advises. Watch the complete video below:

The post has received 1 million views so far. In a statement responding to the viral video, the airline company said, “IndiGo serves fresh and pre-packaged food only from the most reputed vendors. All food served on board IndiGo flights carries details on ingredients and nutritional information as per FSSAI norms. Passengers have the choice of choosing from freshly prepared pre-booked meals or purchase pre-packaged food products on board. The preparation of some pre-packaged products is done as per traditional Indian recipes and the salt content is well within prescribed norms. The information printed on the package acts as an advisory for passengers to estimate their nutritional intake and consume as per their discretion. We welcome all feedback to improve our services in our mission to provide an affordable, on-time and hassle-free flying experience for our customers.”

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