Viral Video Of The Making Of “Coconut Shell Idli” Needs Your Immediate Attention


There is something about South Indian cuisine that hits differently every time we relish it. From the aroma of flavourful sambhar to the crispiness of dosas, South Indian dishes are honestly food for the soul. Well, get ready to add another mouth-watering dish to your long list of favourite South Indian food recipes. Presenting “coconut shell idli.” The dish is a type of popular podi idli from Bengaluru that is prepared in a coconut shell. A video showing its preparation was shared by a food page @oyehoyeindia on Instagram. It begins by breaking a coconut into two halves and then scraping the edible white endosperm from its shell. Once the shells are scrapped neatly, leaving behind only the brown part, the cook in the clip can be seen adding the idli batter to the emptied shells.

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Presumably, the batter is prepared using the scrapped-out edible part of the coconut. Next, the clip shows the cook sliding a tray of coconut shells, full of batter inside a steamer. Once the fluffy idlis were ready, the video shows him making two slits on top of it, and filling it with ghee. Drooling already? Wait till you see him topping the idlis with gunpowder and ghee atop it. The clip shows him serving the dish on banana leaves, along with three different chutneys. The text on the clip reads, “Ultimate coconut shell idli. Bengaluru’s famous ghee podi idli.”

Watch the full video below:

In case you are wondering, here are some easy-peasy tips to make podi idlis in the comfort of your home.

TBH, the video of coconut shell idli left the internet drooling. Countless users in the comments section confessed that this dish is their “favourite”. A comment wrote, “All Time Favourite.”

Another read, “Wow”, and ended with a drool face emoticon.

A user said, “Without ghee, there is no food.”

Another wrote, “Amazing taste, I firstly ate this in Connaught Palace Delhi.”

Some lamented that the dish wasn’t available in their city, with one  user commenting, “Jaipur mei nhi hai.”

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Innumerable users flooded the comments section with heart-eye emoticons. Would you like to try this lip-smacking coconut shell idli?

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