Viral Video On Absent-Mindedly Making Coffee Gets Over 56 Million Views. Internet Asks, “Why So Relatable?”


In recent times, videos on the simplest but most relatable aspects of everyday life are taking the internet by storm. Reels and posts about basic chores, relationships and food habits that are not often talked about are going viral, clocking millions of views. We have come across yet another relatable viral video with a foodie twist that is resonating with millions of Instagram users. The text on the video reads, “How absent-minded are you??” and advises waiting and watching till the end.

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In the Instagram reel by @swatirajputofficial, we see a woman making herself a cup of coffee. She stirs the contents of her mug with a spoon and goes to the kitchen sink to keep it for washing later. In the next shot, we see that her mug is not where she thought she had kept it. Hence, she exasperatedly proceeds to make another cup. She takes out a second mug from the cabinet and a tetra pack of milk from the fridge. In the next shot, we watch her realise that she had kept the cup in the fridge by mistake. She brings it to the counter and makes her coffee. However, when she turns around, she discovers three other cups of coffee on the kitchen counter behind her. Watch the complete reel below:

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The reel has received more than 56 million views so far. In the comments, many users shared witty, relatable and hilarious remarks.

Swiggy Instamart also reacted to the viral video, writing, “Acha aap hi thi woh jisne 80 doodh ke packet aur 15 coffee mangwayi thi.” [“So that was you who had ordered 80 packets of milk and 15 of coffee.”]

Read some of the other reactions below:

“I think I saw this yesterday, but I forgot.”

“Legend says she’s still making a cup of coffee.”

“This ain’t absent-mindedness, you seem to have a ghost in your house.”

“I thought it was just me.”

“It’s not absent mind it’s present ghost.”

“Why does this feel so relatable?”

“I have left my chai in the cloth cupboard once.”

Before this, a reel about finding grapes kept in the refrigerator hard to resist went viral on a large scale. Click here to check it out.

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