Watch – ‘Arre itni turn…’: Aakash Chopra ‘wowed’ by ‘Ball of the Century’ 2024 edition | Cricket News

Feb 12, 2024

New Delhi: The 'unbelievable' video of a batsman getting tangled while playing the ball did the rounds on social media on Monday and left cricket fans in complete disbelief.
The spin bowler, whose action resembled that of the great Muttiah Muralitharan, troubled the batsman as his ball went square after pitching.
In the clip, the off-spinner bowlers can be seen bowling a loopy, bouncy ball which the batsman failed miserably to read. As the batsman shuffled and went to hit it on the on side, the ball rotated almost 90 degrees. Shook the stumps and stunned the batsman.
Commentator reacting to the video Aakash Chopra Vicious Turner labeled as 'ball of the century,
“Paaji is ready. Oye, what kind of action is this? The ball is high. Hey, so many! So many turns? Wow! Bhaisaheb, this is the 'Ball of the Century'. This is a ball with more turn than Muttiah Muralitharan. This is unbelievable.” Aakash Chopra in a video posted on X.To.)
Chopra was one of many who reacted to the viral video on social media. From mocking the batsman to praising the bowler, there was a flood of reactions on social media.

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