Watch: “Bougie” Baby Tries Everything From Caviar To Grilled Octopus, Video Is Viral

Feb 5, 2024

Kids throwing tantrums would sound familiar to almost every parent on this planet. Agreed? Well, we also believed so, until we came across a viral video of a little girl whose heart goes out for only fancy meals. To be honest, we also wouldn’t have believed it if the baby girl’s mother hadn’t recorded her relishing the gourmet meals. Bruna Fava, the mother of the cute foodie dropped a montage, wherein she can be seen gorging on Japanese Wagyu steak, caviar, and yoghurt parfait. The clip begins with a text, “What my bougie daughter likes to eat.” It shows the girl enjoying a hearty breakfast with orange juice, salmon toast and what seems like kebabs. Her long list of gourmet meals begins with caviar, green juice, yoghurt parfait, and blue spirulina among others.

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Well, this baby surely loves seafood. We say this as the viral clip next recorded her relishing oysters, shrimp cocktail, grilled octopus, sushi, crab, gratinated Oysters, paella, and smoked salmon. Wait there is more. The non-veg menu also included steak tartare, escargot (snails), carpaccio and Japanese Wagyu steak. While truffles, anchovies, patisserie, and avocado toast were on the vegetarian menu. To quench her thirst she relied on dragon fruit smoothie, chlorophyll water and celery juice. Phew! Sharing the clip, the mother wrote, “She is going to have a palette of a 3-star Michelin Chef… Have you tried all those foods?”

Check out the video here:

If that clip left you stunned then you weren’t alone. The comments section was buzzing with the internet’s divided opinion. While many admired the little foodie, several expressed concern over her food habits.

A comment read, “I love this. I know that’s right, she’s experiencing expensive, exquisite from a young age. You go girl.”

A user wished, “I hope she remains rich forever because canned beans and ramen noodles will break her soul.”

Meanwhile, a concerned user wrote, “Some of these foods are unsafe for kids to eat. Like steak, octopus, and oysters.”

Someone asked, “Has she ever tried something she didn’t like?” to which the mother replied, “Peanut butter.”

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Of this list how many dishes have you tried? So far the video has been viewed more than 9 million times.

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