Watch | Comedians Cyrus Broacha, Anuradha Menon, and Kanan Gill on why stand-up comedy is not a joke

Feb 12, 2024

Look Comedians Cyrus Broacha, Anuradha Menon and Kanan Gill explain why stand-up comedy is not a joke

How does a stand-up or comedian evaluate the audience? What does a career in comedy mean? All this and more came up during the conversation, may I have your attention please, A candid conversation between comedy expert Anuradha Menon, Kanan, Gill, Cyrus Broacha and Chief Revenue Officer Suresh Balakrishna, hindu,

The session discussed the changing face of comedy over the years, how stand-up on stage is vastly different from what is done on TV and OTT, the preparation and pressure that comes with the business, and much more.

Menon and Gill state that a survey of the audience is usually enough to assess them and take their performance in a certain direction accordingly. On how they've adapted to everything from 60-second reels, 20-minute podcasts and hour-long shows while staying funny and relevant on social media and on stage, Anu said, “Cyrus and I are trained in television. So, acting over the phone is difficult.

But the dream today is to go viral in some way or the other so that people eventually come to our shows. The best way to ensure this is to create a 90-second reel that goes viral, and hope that people will eventually come to watch the show. However, no matter the medium, the nature of the beast has changed and one has to be careful with the materials one uses. I chose to stay away from political content because I can't follow a skin-care routine in prison,” she joked.

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