Watch: Kartik Aaryan Wraps Chandu Champion, Eats Sugar After 1 Year In His Favourite Sweet

Feb 6, 2024

To all the Kartik Aaryan fans out there, we have some exciting news for you. The actor has just wrapped his upcoming sports drama Chandu Champion. And such a big day deserves to be celebrated with all things sweet. Agreed? Well, we don’t know about you but Chandu Champion director Kabir Khan surely agrees with us. He celebrated the wrap by making Kartik gorge on his favourite dessert. No points for guessing, of course, it was rasmalai. But let us tell you “this rasmalai tasted like victory” to Kartik, who was eating sugar after a year. How do we know? Kartik has just dropped a behind-the-scenes video from the sets of Chandu Champion and we are watching it on loop.

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The now-viral clip begins with Kabir Khan feeding Kartik Aaryan rasmalai. When Kartik sees him not slicing it in half, he asks the director, “Pura khilaoge? [Will you make me eat the whole]?” To this Kabir says, “Aur kya. [Of course].” Listening to this, Kartik confesses, “Bahut guilty feel hoga. [I will feel very guilty].” But then he eats the entire rasmalai in just one bite, with the Chandu Champion crew cheering and clapping for him. After hugging Kabir, Kartik says, “Pure ek saal baad. [After one year].” 

Kartik Aaryan shared the clip along with the note that read, “This RasMalai Tasted Like Victory! Finally eating sugar after a year!! After more than a year of intense preparation and 8 months of day-n-night shoots across the globe, today we complete the shooting journey of Chandu Champion. And it couldn’t have been sweeter than my fav, Rasmalai – from the man himself who carved this challenging path for me… you have been a profound inspiration, Sir Kabir Khan.”

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If you are looking to make a healthier version of rasmalai at home, do check out our easy-peasy recipe for tender coconut rasmalai.

Do you know when Kartik Aaryan enjoyed a cheat meal before this? When Virat Kohli smashed his 49 ODI centuries, during the World Cup match between India and South Africa, last year in November. Oh, we have proof. Celebrating the big day, Kartik shared a picture straight from a bakery. Yes, you read that right. What was he doing? Of course, gorging on a sweet treat. In the photo, the actor can be seen holding what seemed to be a red velvet cake. Kartik’s caption confirmed that he was at the German Bakery in Pune. Along with the picture, Kartik wrote, “Virat ki century ho to cheating to banti hai. [When Virat scores a century, Cheating is allowed.]” Check out the picture here:

Hey Kartik Aaryan, as you have wrapped Chandu Champion, we can’t wait to get updates about your guilty pleasures.

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