Watch: Street Vendor Puts Kulfi Inside Buttered Pav, Internet Has Had Enough

Feb 5, 2024

Hot, buttery pav is a street-style treat that is hard to resist. Whether paired with pav bhaji, enclosing a spicy dabeli filling or in any other avatar, pav soaked in butter is the definition of indulgence. You may have come across different dishes featuring this pav at street food stalls. But have you ever seen Kulfi being put inside it? If you’re finding the idea hard to believe, let alone approve, you are not alone. Recently, a video showing this strange fusion dish has been grabbing many eyeballs online.

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In the short clip shared on X, we see a street vendor heating six portions of pav on a large tawa. A huge block of butter is melted alongside them. The video cuts to a shot taken sometime later, as we see a person placing a flat block of kulfi inside two joined pavs. The sheen of the butter is still visible. The X user who shared the video poetically captioned it, “Butter Pav Bhaji hui purani, Khao garma garam, Butter Kulfi Pav, Aur yeh hai Gujarat ki Kahani!!!” These rhyming lines roughly translate to “Butter pav bhaji is now old news. Eat hot butter kulfi pav instead. This is Gujarat’s story”. Take a look at the video below:

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The clip has received a lot of interest online. Several X users were against the idea. Some responded with sarcasm. Read some of the reactions below.

Before this, the bizarre combination of gulab jamun and bread buns went viral. TV star Nakuul Mehta recently shared a video of the same. Wondering what was his reaction to it? Check out the full story here.

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