Watch: This Delhi Street Vendor Sells Chole Bhature For Just Rs 5, But On One Condition

Feb 7, 2024

Leaving Delhi without indulging in chole bhature is considered a sin in the foodie world. When it comes to North Indian breakfast, the supremacy of this dish seems unmatched. However, have you ever encountered a vendor who would sell you a piping hot plate of chole bhature for just Rs 5? A recent viral video shared on Instagram shows a street vendor in New Delhi who offers this dish at this price. In the video, the person can be heard asking the vendor if he isn’t kidding about serving the dish for Rs 5. To which the vendor says, “Nahi bilkul mazaak nahi hai. Kyun bevkuff banaunga. [No, I am not kidding. Why would I make a fool out of you]?”
The vendor begins by serving hot chole, which he tops with spicy aloo. Then he puts a generous amount of homemade gajar and amla ka achaar. After adding fried green chilli, he includes sliced onion and drizzles homemade chutney on top. Then he places freshly fried fluffy paneer bhatura on the plate. Now comes the ultimate suspense. While accepting his plate, the person says that now he will only pay him Rs 5; the vendor replies, “Haan bilkul. Pehle 5 hi lunga. Baki jo 75 hai na vo khane ke baad lunga. [Yes for sure. Initially, I will only accept Rs 5. The remaining Rs 75, I will accept after you finish your meal].” So that plate of chole bhature will cost you Rs 80. Sharing the video, the YouTuber wrote, “Rs 5/- ke chole bhature. Don’t miss the end. Will you try this?” Take a look:
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The hilarious suspense created by the vendor left the internet in splits. One comment read, “Uncle ne to prank kar diya. [Uncle played a prank].” “Looks yummy” was the sentiment on social media. A few users also shared about similar dishes served for Rs 5 in their hometowns. “Rs 5 me humare yahan rice and rajma ki thaali mil jaati hai.” Some described the dish as “tempting”.

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