Watch: Viral Video Captures Bread-Making Procedure In Kanpur Factory

Feb 5, 2024

There is no denying that bread is a staple in innumerable households. After all, it is one of the most filling and versatile food items. From simple bread and butter to extravagant French toast, this humble delight will never disappoint you. But how is it made? A video shared on Instagram gives a tour of a bread-making factory. The clip exhibits the making of countless packets of bread in a factory located in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. While the multi-step process of making bread loaves involves plenty of manpower, unfortunately, none paid heed to hygiene. We say this because not a single worker in the factory can be seen wearing gloves.
The video begins with a worker emptying a couple of sacks of all-purpose flour into a massive dough mixer. To prevent the dough from sticking to the machine, the worker also adds oil to it. Then, the enormous dough is divided into several parts and placed inside tin molds after being weighed. These molds are then placed inside a large oven to bake. After being cut into equal slices, another worker wraps them in transparent packets, all without wearing gloves. The clip was shared with the text, “Bread making in a factory.” Check out the video here:
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Before this, a video showing the making of Goan bread poie, a flat round-shaped bread made using maida as well as whole wheat, went viral. The clip shows the workers in the bakery measuring and mixing different ingredients for the dough. While some parts of the process are done by hand, others require specialized machines. Once the dough is ready, the workers shape it into small roundels, which are then lined up on a mat. This delicious bread is baked in a traditional wall furnace, and the pieces are handled with a long rod.
In the detailed caption, the user revealed that he shot the now-viral video at one of the bakeries in his village. He informed that the Tavares bakery was “established in 1956 by Mr. Ligorio Tavares and is successfully run by his two sons, Romy Tavares and Bartholomeo Tavares, along with their families.” Through this reel, he intends to honor the hard work of the “poder,” the traditional Goan bakers whom the vlogger calls “the real unsung heroes”. Watch the complete video here:
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