Watch | What’s unique about Hampi Art Labs?

Feb 10, 2024

Look What is unique about Hampi Art Labs?

Hampi Art Labs is located about 30 km from Hampi in Karnataka. Hampi Art Labs includes exhibition space, studios and apartments for artists.

Art Lab is an initiative of JSW Foundation. It was conceived by Foundation President Sangeeta Jindal.

The residency program at HAL lasts for three months. It allows artists to work with a variety of techniques and materials. They also get a chance to interact with local communities to incorporate those experiences in their work.

The facility currently houses a ceramics studio as well as a printmaking studio. The first exhibition of works by Ai Wei Wei and other artists including Andy Warhol opened to the public on February 6, and will continue until May 31, 2024.

Under the programme, artists are also provided apartments to live in. The current program, which began in January 2024, hosts five resident artists. The HAL team aims to build four such habitats per year.

Built as a global platform to promote artworks, Hampi Art Labs promises to support local artists from the surrounding areas as well.

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Report: Shilpa Elizabeth

Video and Production: Ravichandran N.

Voiceover: Nalme Nachiyar

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